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Burlington Pots

Burlington Pots

Wedgwood Burlington Pots are designed and handmade in England - Each piece is unique and a handcrafted piece of art. Each pot is hand made with wedges of different clay being layered into a mould. The shape is then formed using the jollying technique and then turned back by a lathe, revealing a unique marbled effect, creating an individual one of a kind piece every time.

Frost resistant and easy to clean, the Pots are made to be used as plant pots both indoors and outdoors which makes them the perfect gifts for gardeners and flower lovers. Each plant pot is hand-stamped with its size; 4", 5", 6" or 7", making it easy for the user to buy the right sized plant for the pot.

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Burlington Pots Black on White Pot 4inch
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Burlington Pots Pale Blue on White Pot 6inch
#1608206 In Stock
Burlington Pots Pale Blue on White Pot 4inch
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Burlington Pots White on Black Pot 7inch
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Burlington Pots White on Pale Blue Pot 7inch
#1608207 Out of Stock