Let your imagination wander to the shores of the orient with Blue Pagoda. Pagodas were originally designed to house and protect relics and sacred writings. Having been founded in India, the pagoda spread across Asia with the increased following of Buddhism, and by the 6th century had reached Japan. This design also features a Japanese Acer garden - a symbol of peace and serenity, whilst also representing balance and practicality. A deep blue hue is decorated with these striking Japanese motifs.

Experience the taste of the orient with Blue Pagoda tea, a tea of serenity which welcomes you with oolong, jasmine blossoms, lotus flowers and a touch of ripe green mango. It promises to captivate with each sip. The Chinese tea plant, camellia sinensis, creates a delicate blend of its own flowers and leaves with a sweet note of soothing aloe vera. Sprinkled with rose petals, this is a gift waiting to be savoured.
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda 3 Piece Set
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Candle
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Keyring
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Mug Large 300ml
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Sandwich Tray 34cm
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Teacup & Saucer
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Tray 14.5cm
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Bowl 11cm
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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Oolong Blend Tea
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