Discover the bold Yellow Tonquin, inspired by the town of Xiaolan in the Jiangsu province in China, now known as the City of Chrysanthemums. For the people of this town, their lifestyle is characterised by a high participation with chrysanthemums. They appreciate the noble character and integrity of this flower which is reflected in their poems and drawings. A beautifully bold yellow is decorated with bright florals.

Celebrate a new start with invigorating ingredients from the garden. Herbs, basil, citrus peels, and beautiful chrysanthemum flowers create a caffeine-free tea blend. A dash of Echinacea uplifts the body for care free days.
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Bowl 11cm
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Candle
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Herbal Blend Tea
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Keyring
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Mug Large 300ml
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Teacup & Saucer
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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Tray 14.5cm
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