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With a body of work that focuses on femininity, sexuality, escapism, memory, fantasy, desire, luxury and the perfect face that we like to present to the world, Dina Broadhurst has had a lifelong obsession and influence from the colliding worlds of fashion, advertising, art and design, as well as her own journey through the battleground of being a woman, emotionally and physically, through the journey of age, motherhood and the changing female social landscape. Under this lens, Dina shared her love of Wedgwood with us in a Q&A, as she invited us into her home and creative studio.

Holding high (Butterfly Bloom Plate 20cm)
By Dina Broadhurst©

Blooms & Butterfly x Broom (Lee Broom Bowl on Red Sphere 24cm)
By Dina Broadhurst©

In Time (Gold Columbia Plate 20cm)
By Dina Broadhurst©

Why have you decided to create artworks with Wedgwood pieces? 
“My work is all about memory recall, found objects, and using that to unravel my emotions and my inner world, findings new ways to make links from the past to the present, to unravel desire, allure and beauty. Wedgwood holds a very special place in my emotions. The blue and the white ceramic colour combination and matt texture hold an allure I remember from childhood, pieces my mum would collect and hand down to me were her prized possessions. One of my first artworks I made was using a Jasper Conran Chinoiserie Green plate, photographed on a torso.”

What do you find most alluring about the brand? 
The colours, the organic design and textures, the craftsmanship and the history and story behind the pieces all add to such an alluring experience.” 

What was the first experience you remember having with Wedgwood? 
A blue and white little jewellery plate that I would put my rings and earrings in on my mirrored dressing table. It’s such a strong memory of coming of age, noticing the way I was changing from a girl to a woman. Independence. How to dress up and be comfortable with my outer appearance. And realising precious moments and precious things are what’s truly important.”

How long have you been collecting Wedgwood? 
Since my mother gave me my first piece when I was around 12, I would then hunt through her cupboards and find other special plates and things and ask her if I could keep them. The Jasper Conran Chinoiserie Green plates were another strong memory. I love the boldness of the designs and the strong use of colour. And the feeling of history and of past times.”

What’s your favourite Wedgwood piece / collection and why? 
I would have to say the Jasper Conran Chinoiserie Green plates as I just love green. Any food looks so good served on these and I love preparing fresh, colourful salads or vegetables and these plates are so cool to serve them on, as they make everything pop.”

Tell us about what inspires you as an artist 
My immediate surroundings, relationships, love, self-love, emotions, desire and unexpected things.”

What are your thoughts on the synergistic relationship between luxury brands and art? 
“Luxury brands hold such an allure and a reverence, they give you a feeling, and that’s what art does, so they go so well together in the emotions they draw out of us. And combining the two, and taking these emotions on an unexpected twist or journey is such a buzz.”

Which artist(s) most inspire you and why?
“I love Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Picasso. I love their vision and their passion, consumed by their art and their complete confidence.”

Tell us about your artistic practice used to create your artworks using Wedgwood pieces – method, materials used, processes, etc. 
“For the Wedgwood artworks, I wanted to use the products in a 3D capacity. Using photography as a base, incorporating the ceramics as if they were palettes of paint, adding them onto the photograph post-production to alter what we thought was one thing, into a new form, changing perception and creating a new way to see.”

Photography: Christof Brandon

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