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With a personal style that has garnered a public following on its own, fashion stylist and head of style at The Iconic, Nicole Adolphe is known for her ability to pair unlikely prints, and make an outfit look entirely effortless and chic. With that, Nicole shared her passion for Wedgwood with us in a Q&A, as she invited us into her home.

Why Wedgwood? “I’m a huge fan of high tea and when I saw Wedgwood’s Wonderlust collection I fell in love with the intricate, floral prints from the brand. I liked that the eclectic prints were quite arty and fashion forward. Having a classic tea set is so beautiful to have in your home and to be able to serve scones and tea when friends come over, on something beautiful is just a really nice thing to be able to do.”

What do you find most alluring about the brand? “I love that the brand has been established for so long and is well recognised for being the pinnacle of fine bone china.” 

What was the first experience you remember having with Wedgwood? “My mum owned a plain white with gold trim Wedgwood classic set and I always remember it was in the cabinet as kids, we were not allowed to use it as it was so special. My mum was worried I might break it and it was more for display than for everyday use at that time in our house. But I love how the brand’s shifted that idea and is encouraging people to use what they have everyday. It’s everyday that should be special, not just rare occasions!”

How long have you been collecting Wedgwood? “The Wonderlust collection, in Yellow Tonquin is my first set, so this is the start of something special. Now that I have this one, I am keen to collect more of this collection as it looks great on the table when used.”

What’s your tea flavour? “English breakfast with a dash of milk! I love the simple and yet traditional tea flavour!”

What’s your favourite Wedgwood piece / collection and why? “The Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin Mug has been my favourite piece and the one I use the most, along with the matching Wonderlust plates. English Breakfast tea served with some toast is a daily pleasure. I feel special when I serve myself breakfast on these beautiful pieces and they make the washing up a little more exciting if that is possible. I don’t want to be like my mum and save them only for special occasions so I plan to use my sets daily.”

Tell us about what inspires you “Travel is what inspires me. Before COVID-19 I had airline tickets booked up until the end of July to Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Egypt and Bali, all of which have since been cancelled. So when I saw that the Wonderlust collection was inspired by exotic destinations I was drawn to it. Other things that inspire me are the ocean, which is why I chose to live by the beach and yoga of all types.”

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